5G offers amazingly new levels of performance but it demands higher RF power consumption and larger RF silicon area to support its extraordinary data rate. Both impacts would significantly degrade the battery run time, a key factor for user experience of a space-conscious user equipment (UE) such as smartphone since any chip size increase would result in the battery size reduction. TSMC’s N6RF, the most advanced RF CMOS technology, enables our customer’s products to deliver full 5G/Wi-Fi 6 & 6E performance while maximizing battery life by leveraging its superior RF capability and digital PPA benefit.

With N6RF’s enhanced transistors demonstrating 350 GHz peak fT (unit current gain frequency), 40% better mismatch and 18% lower flicker noise when comparing with 16nm, it offers designers a compact RF/MS solution to support 5G operation with higher power efficiency to help mitigate the power consumption challenges for either 5G UEs or base station with better MIMO support to enhance cellular signal reception quality and coverage distance.

Depending on the target transceiver (TRx) applications, N6RF enables at least 33% overall product shrinkage and 66% power efficiency improvement. Furthermore, this advanced RF CMOS technology provides system flexibility between a 5G RF TRx and the following 5G cellular modem for system optimization. All these benefits make the technology a perfect candidate to enable next-generation UEs to comfortably support performance of 5G, WiFi6/6E, or True Wireless Stereo (TWS) with best-in-class battery run-time.

TSMC’s N6RF Technology

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