Advanced RF Technology

Advanced RF Technologies adoption are expected to grow at a rapid pace over the next few years, driven by increasing deployment of 5G cellular network and the trend of “intelligence” and automation integration among smartphones, HPC, smart city, smart home, manufacturing and automotive applications to interconnect applications to the network via cellular network and Wi-Fi.

TSMC provides foundry’s most advanced and comprehensive portfolio of Mixed Signal/RF CMOS (MS/RF) technologies. TSMC and its customers are working together to unleash innovations in the MS/RF segment. TSMC MS/RF technologies support wide range of communication and radar applications, including but not limited to smartphones, IoT, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, and others.

Today’s mobile devices require better performance, power efficiency and greater RF silicon integration with compact form factor to meet advancements in communication technologies, for system flexibility enhancement, performance improvement and battery life extension.

TSMC continues to deliver breakthrough innovation for MS/RF technologies to meet these critical challenges. Compared with 16FFC RF, its predecessor, N6RF supports 3.2X logic density, 55% power reduction, and 0.38X SRAM scaling in terms of digital KPI. N6RF can deliver ideal RF performance and power efficiency for 5G and Wi-Fi 6 & 6E applications that demand both performance and power to enable flexibility for system optimization.

Our 16FFC RF led the foundry to start volume production of 5G mobile network chips for customers in the first half of 2018. The 22nm RF (22ULP/ULLRF) technology extended its support to ultra-low leakage devices, magnetic random-access memory (MRAM), and resistive random-access memory (RRAM), and further supports chip development for 5G mmWave mobile communication and IoT applications. 28nm, 22nm, and 16nm technologies all support mmWave and radar applications.

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TSMC’s MS/RF technologies offer customers comprehensive portfolio of mature and advanced process technologies, fully support the growing 5G market with 4G/ 3G backwards compatibility, while providing outstanding integration and flexibility in product design.

Time-to-Market: Access to our technologies and strong IP alliances to unleash innovation, achieve better system optimization, and shorten time-to-market.

Performance and Efficiency: Offers flexibility and integration of high density SoC to maximize product performance and efficiency for power conscious applications such smartphone and TWS Bluetooth headset.

Form Factor: TSMC technologies provide industry leading PPA for SoC Integration to deliver power efficiency and small footprint for applications that require compact design.

Technology portfolio
N6RF Technology

Provides increased logic compatibility to incorporate multiple features

40RFSOI Technology

The ideal solution for RF front-end module (FEM) integration


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